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The hottest season of the year is approaching, and many people are already preparing to enjoy summer in style. To keep your body cool during the high temperatures, there’s nothing better than enjoying a pool. However, when it comes to getting everything ready to receive family and friends, some doubts arise. With that in mind, we’ve prepared this content especially for you!

The best way is to evaluate everything that needs to be adjusted – like a list – and do it gradually. This way, it won’t be expensive, and you’ll have more time to enjoy it with your family and friends. Without further ado, discover how to have a perfect pool for summer!

What to do to have a perfect pool in summer?

Before taking that plunge and enjoying fun moments with your loved ones, it’s essential to check if your pool is properly treated. This care ensures that you refresh yourself safely. After all, water cleanliness prevents the proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria that can cause diseases.

  • Repairs and replacements

Here, you can hire a pool technician or do it yourself if you have the necessary knowledge. Evaluate equipment such as skimmer, pre-filter, filter, motor pump, chlorine generator – if you have one – and others. Make essential repairs or replacements. It’s also worth considering if you want to renovate, taking advantage of the opportunity to change the pool’s lining, for example.

  • Cleaning

Clean your pool by following the steps in the correct order. Start by cleaning the outside area to avoid double work. Then continue by removing dirt from the surface using a sieve and emptying the skimmer. Finally, brush the edges, walls, and floor, remembering to vacuum afterwards.

  • Chemical balance

The next step is to ensure the chemical balance of the water. Measure pH and alkalinity levels. If they are out of range, make the necessary adjustments. If you don’t have an automatic chlorinator, you’ll also need to level the chlorine to keep the water clean and crystal clear. There are kits available for these measurements, which are also easy to use.

  • Filtration

At this point, it’s essential to have the pool ready for use. The filtration process will ensure that the water remains healthy. In the first step, you checked that the equipment works well, so just check if the sand needs to be changed before filtering, and don’t forget to backwash the filter.

Why do you need to clean the pool properly? 

Pools with dirty, cloudy water, full of debris, leaves, insects, and other dirt, push away any swimmer. Have you ever felt like enjoying a sunny day in the pool, but gave up the idea because you saw the dirty water? This happens to many people because, in fact, it is unpleasant to enter the water when it is not crystal clear.

The problems with dirty water go beyond the visual aspect. After all, water with a dirty appearance means that it is contaminated with germs, bacteria, and various microorganisms that cause serious illnesses.

If you come into contact with contaminated pool water, you can develop severe intestinal infections, experience diarrhea and vomiting. In addition, it is very common for skin diseases, fungi, and mold to arise.

In addition to technical care, think about leisure and fun! 

Start with pool maintenance and cleaning. Then, move on to accessories and decoration. Don’t forget about safety for family and friends.

  • Accessories: 

This part is the most fun. Here, you will think of things to make the leisure time more enjoyable. Talk to your family and ask what is missing so that you can have a perfect pool. As a suggestion, cascades, slides, and floats for the kids. Or tables, wet benches, and jets of hydromassage for everyone. There are also volleyball or basketball kits designed to be installed in the pool. Invite your friends for a game!

The list of accessories, also include some safety items, such as nets and gate grids for children and pets, depth signage, and handrails on the stairs.

  • Interior Decoration: 

It’s time to make the environment more beautiful. LED lighting or floating lanterns are good choices. The ladder is an important element for safety, but it can also be interesting and sophisticated.

  • Exterior Decoration: 

Think about loungers, awnings for the pool area, or umbrellas. Plants to decorate, garden sets, and maybe a good barbecue. Consider also tatami mats with cushions spread around the area to rest. Let your imagination flow!

There are many reasons why you should have a pool at home, and to enjoy it in the summer, some precautions must be taken. Put our tips into practice, so you can enjoy this hot and fun season with peace of mind and safety!

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