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Have you ever noticed how a good play of light makes a difference in different types of environments? It not only fulfills the basic function of illuminating the place itself, but also highlights key shapes and elements in the decoration, directing the eye to specific points and thus highlighting the beauty of the space.

This idea is also applied in outdoor areas, so playing with the lighting possibilities for fiberglass pools gives them more elegance and personality.

And the best thing is that the solutions aimed at this function have high technology, allowing more savings for your pocket and safety for people.

Therefore, in this content we will explain the difference that well-applied lighting can make in your fiberglass pool. Come on?

Lighting will highlight your backyard fiberglass pool

It is common that most people end up having busy days and we end up spending more time outside the house than inside. Often, we only have the night to enjoy our family, home, and backyard fiberglass pool.

It’s not a problem. Even if it’s only at night, we can turn this moment into leisure and rest. But think with me, if you come home and your backyard and your pool are all dark, it gets a little hard to enjoy, doesn’t it?

That’s where fiber pool lighting comes in! You can invest in outdoor lighting for your pool area. For this there are already many formats and options on the market. However, what if your lighting was inside the pool? It would be very interesting, wouldn’t it?

Lighting is also decoration!

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about lighting is, of course, to illuminate, to make the environment brighter. That’s the use of light, right? Right.

We can say that brightening the environment is the main function of lighting. But it also has a second very important function: decorating. (spoiler: she’s the one who will make a difference in your pool)

It is possible to find some fiber pool lighting products available on the market. Let’s see:

  • LED;
  • Optical fiber;
  • Dichroic;
  • Bi-iodine.

Within this list that we have separated for you, the most used lighting material is led, as it guarantees good lighting, is resistant and very economical.

Your pool will look even bigger!

It may seem silly, but with indoor lighting your fiberglass pool will look bigger than it is. This will ensure that she looks even cozier!

Not to mention that the internal lighting is a good treat for the eyes, eh? It makes you want to go diving at night and enjoy leisure time in our swimming pool.

Indoor fiber pool lighting is customizable

If you’re the basic type and don’t like too many colors, you can make your lighting very clean. You can opt for white-focused lighting, for example. Or, even a blue one if you want to add a little color, but without too much color. We are sure that a single color in the lighting will already make all the difference.

On the other hand, if you are more of a party guy and you really like to stand out, there are options in the lighting market that already guarantee this color. It looks amazing if you want to have a party in your pool or just enjoy it yourself. After all, who doesn’t want to take a dip in colorful waters?!

Pool lighting is safety

Last but not least, this topic is about security.

We have already seen several benefits that lighting in our pool can do. It can make our environment more cozy, for example. But, something we can never forget is security.

With strategic lighting it is possible to have a wide view of everything outside the pool and inside it. With this, it is possible to always be aware of all the dangers that can happen around or inside our fiber pool.

If you have children or even animals, the choice of whether or not to have lighting can go beyond the aesthetic-decorative value. And, of course, the lighting ensures that we or other adults don’t slip into the pool by accident!

Finally, remember that, in addition to good lighting, it is also necessary to have clean and crystalline water so that the environment is safe and beautiful.

So, keep following our blog to always have tips for the care of your pool and visit our website to know our products!

How to choose fiberglass pool lighting?

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