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When the heat starts to become unbearable, it’s natural for the whole family to want to take full advantage of the pool, preferably with minimal interruptions and pauses for maintenance. The problem is that, in practice, keeping the pool clean all summer long requires a strict and constant routine of cleaning and treatment.

Understanding the most common problems with pools in high season

It’s not uncommon for those who have a pool at home to only have to worry about it two or three times a month during the colder months, renewing the chlorine, vacuuming the dirt from the bottom, and checking the water’s pH levels. However, when the heat arrives and the use of this space intensifies, things change.

This is because, to keep the pool clean all summer long, it’s essential that the owner understands that the hottest season of the year causes a series of effects and reactions that, when combined, accelerate the deterioration of water quality. For example, the rise in temperature itself turns the pool into an even more conducive environment for the proliferation of algae, bacteria, and microorganisms.

In addition, as the number of swimmers increases in the summer, the space also gets dirty more quickly with bare feet carrying dust from the floor to the water, natural body oil spreading, dead skin cells concentrating in abundance, and more intense use of chemical products on the body, such as sunscreen and tanning oil.

7 Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean All Summer Long

But wait! None of this means that keeping your pool clean all summer long is impossible. In fact, by putting some good practices into action, respecting the correct treatment time, and relying on quality solutions, your chances of enjoying the season worry-free increase considerably. So, take note:

1 – Reserve a part of the night to take care of the water

The best way to ensure an excellent day at the pool is by dedicating a part of the previous night to the treatment and maintenance of the water. This way, you avoid the evaporation of chemicals too quickly – which is very common in applications made during the day, for example – and you are sure that these solutions will have the whole night to work before swimmers start diving in the morning.

2 – Keep your test kits nearby

It’s important to maintain the chemical balance of the pool. The problem is that, during this time of year, high temperatures, the comings and goings of swimmers, and famous summer rains can quickly destabilize the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels. So keep your test kits nearby and check for the need for adjustments whenever possible!

3 – Consider installing a shower in the pool area

Another element that can help keep the pool clean all summer long is a shower. This is because it will help eliminate excess oiliness, sweat, and dead cells present on bodies even before these substances come into contact with the pool, preserving clean water for longer.

4 – Keep an eye on filter and pre-filter cleaning

It is true that those who take care of the pool all year round rarely need to worry about cleaning the filtering components of the machine room. In the summer, however, this dynamic should be different.

It is worth checking the pre-filter daily and, after each aspiration, washing the sand for a few seconds. This way, you avoid these items losing operational efficiency or becoming breeding grounds for algae.

5 – Intensify the use of the skimmer

Did you know that most organic debris that falls into the pool, such as leaves, dead plants, and small insects, only begin the decomposition process when they start to sink? This means that by removing them while they are still in suspension, you avoid impurities and decomposed remains from mixing with the water, keeping it clean for longer. So, use your skimmer as much as possible whenever something is floating on the surface.

6 – Count on your floater

Those who want to keep the pool clean all summer can’t do without the floater, a powerful ally in water maintenance that doses small amounts of chlorine throughout the day and thus ensures a more homogeneous action of the product.

The ideal is to let it float overnight and collect it in the morning before the sun starts to shine. Oh, and don’t be fooled by tablets: in the summer, they also dissolve much faster, so it’s worth checking their condition at least once a week!

7 – Choose your products carefully

And to wrap up the list, we can’t forget to talk about the importance of always using the best chemical products in your treatment routine. Remember that the quality of these solutions is directly related to the efficiency of the cleaning, purification, and sanitization stages of the water. Therefore, it’s best not to take risks and opt for a trusted brand!

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