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If you are building your home or even remodeling your leisure area and need to consider the ideal model for your dream pool, we will present several advantages for you to be enchanted by this pool design. The sun shelf pool offers a unique structure that enhances the leisure area of residences, condominiums, clubs, and hotels. So, in today’s article, we will share various benefits of this pool model that will surely make it even more desirable in the design of your leisure area. Check it out!

What is a Sun Shelf Pool Like?

It is a pool model that features a shallow space on one of its edges. In most of these models, the “sun shelf” has a depth of approximately 30 centimeters. However, in some cases, can also be a shallow space with a gradual slope, increasing until it reaches the bottom of the pool.

The purpose of the “sun shelf” is to bring the cozy and comforting sensation of beaches into your home. It allows for a gradual entry into the pool, at our own pace, similar to entering the ocean. The water first wets your feet to acclimate to the water temperature, and then you can fully immerse your body in the deeper part of the pool.

Advantages of Investing in a Sun Shelf Pool


A sun shelf pool has become an excellent choice for those who dislike the crowds at clubs and prefer to enjoy quiet moments with family or friends in a more secluded environment.


Apart from adding charm to the leisure area, the design of this model provides extra safety for young children and pets. Kids, accompanied by adults, can enjoy the “sun shelf” area for play and refreshment. Meanwhile, if pets accidentally fall into the pool, they can easily exit using the “sun shelf.” That’s why non-slip coatings are often used in the sun shelf area.


The sun shelf area serves as a suitable space for physical exercise and also offers moments of relaxation. Depending on its size, consider adding lounge chairs or sunbeds for bathers to sunbathe or enjoy a moment of rest.


This model provides greater accessibility for individuals with physical limitations. Entering the deeper part of the pool can be a significant challenge for some people. In such cases, having a sun shelf ensures that everyone in the family can enjoy leisure moments in the pool safely, conveniently, and comfortably.


In the market, there is no shortage of sun shelf versions, so it’s essential to invest in one that meets the customer’s needs. Fiberglass pools are pre-molded and easier to install. There are various finishes for a fiberglass sun shelf pool, along with many models that transform the leisure area into a unique space. We know that every leisure environment becomes special with the presence of a pool, but it becomes truly irresistible when the pool includes one.

Now that you know how worthwhile it is to have a sun shelf pool, both for its day-to-day functionality and the beauty it adds to the environment, explore the charming and comfortable models from Kisol! Surely, one of them is perfect for your family and your budget.

Enhance your property and bring the most modern, sophisticated, and cozy design of the sun shelf pool to your leisure area.