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Since its inception in 2001 , Kisol Pools has been a pioneer in crafting fiberglass composite swimming pools and spas. With a strong presence in South America and the United States, our vibrant organization features state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, corporate offices, and distribution hubs.

What sets Kisol Pools apart is our unwavering dedication to offering cutting-edge solutions in the swimming pool and leisure sector. Kisol Pools strategically collaborates with a talented and professional network to drive innovation and maintain high standards. Our relentless pursuit of quality has solidified our reputation as a reliable industry frontrunner.

Beyond our strongholds in South America and the United States, Kisol Pools has expanded its footprint to various regions, including the Caribbean, and Mexico. This global reach reflects our commitment to delivering excellence in products and services worldwide.

As Kisol Pools continues to evolve and grow, we remain committed to seizing new opportunities to expand our presence and deliver unmatched solutions to our global clientele. Our path is marked by ongoing innovation and expansion, and we look forward to shaping the future of the swimming pool and leisure industry across all the regions we operate in.

Our Difference


Fiberglass pools have the highest durability among all types, with highly resistant material to temperature and pressure changes.


With pools of various models, designs range from simple to sophisticated. All comfort always accompanies the beauty of each curve.


The sunken-edge pool provides greater safety, as the edge is concreted together with the subfloor and the sidewalk around the pool.

Kisol Pools

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Our Proccess

Demolding Process Image


The demolding and loading process is fully mechanized, providing greater speed and agility, eliminating manual labor. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s.

Production Process Image


In the production process, we use certified raw materials from reputable suppliers in the fiberglass segment and use state-of-the-art equipment that provides greater agility and economy with minimal waste and compliance with environmental standards.

Chemical Barrier Image

Chemical Barrier

All pools are manufactured with a chemical barrier. This process aims to increase the useful life of the pool's internal painting (gel-coat), leaving the interior always smooth, uniform, and shinier. The aesthetics of the pool are fundamental, and the internal color is one of the items that stands out the most in the leisure area.

Painting Booth Image

Painting Booth

The painting booth was manufactured within the standards required by environmental agencies with filters to retain impurities, moisture, and anything else that may influence the quality and finish of the internal pool painting (gel-coat).

Modeling Image


Own modeling center with trained and qualified modelers to develop any and all pool models. This center was created from the need to provide not only the best product but also the best finish on the market.

Stocking Image


After being demolded, the products undergo a meticulous inspection and after being released, the pools are stored and stocked wrapped in bubble wrap, which ensures a better appearance and beauty until their final destination.

Our Pool Models





Infinity Escada


Infinity Praia


Infinity Slim


Infinity Spa


Caribe Classic






Mediterrânea Spa






Discover our Elegance line

Pool Elegance by Kisol

Kisol Elegance Design brings a differentiated concept in two main aspects: versatility and technology.

This line brings the client to the realization of their project without any limitations. Through a wide range of options in finishes, formats, measurements, and accessories, it offers endless possibilities to our customers who seek exclusivity and convenience, with its full ceramic coating and the option of finishing with glass inserts.

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